Results & Trivia

EDMOND, OK - MAY 28: Jay Haas plays a bunker shot on the third hole as Brad Bryant looks on during the final round of the 67th Senior PGA Championship on May 28, 2006 at the Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
The US PGA National Championship has been played since 1968, but it only recently gained its current name, having been known as the PGA Club Professional Championship from its inception right up until 2006.

The tournament is typically played over 72 holes, however in 2000 at the Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma, play was reduced to 54 holes due to adverse weather conditions. Tim Thelen won this tournament with a score of 214.

The lowest score ever – aside from Thelen’s – was posted by Larry Gilbert in 1991 at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Doral, Florida. Another snippet of US PGA National Championship results & trivia is that Gilbert played all the right shots to go on to an excellent final score of 267.

Eight US PGA National Championships have been won in a playoff, with the most recent of these occurring in 1994 when Sammy Rachels posted 284 at Osage Beach, Missouri and Lake Ozark, Missouri.

Traditionally, 25 players from what was known as the PGA Club Professional Championship went through to the more prestigious PGA Championship. However, to coincide with the renaming of the tournament to the US PGA National Championship in 2006, the administrators of the game reduced that number to 20.

The first time the PGA National Championship was televised live was in 1997, when The Golf Channel broadcast it internationally and the championship now attracts a worldwide audience of more than 58 million on this channel.

More US PGA National Championship results & trivia: The tournament was traditionally played anywhere from September to December, but from 1997 onwards this was changed and the tournament is now played in late June of every year so that the top 20 finishers can qualify for the PGA Championship six to seven weeks before it commences in August every year.