US PGA National Championship Betting

GREENSBORO, GA - SEPTEMBER 23: Chip Sullivan of the USA Team plays his second shot at the 1st hole during the final day singles matches for the 23rd PGA Cup Matches, held on the Oconee Course at Reynolds Plantation, on September 23, 2007 in Greensboro, Georgia. (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
The most common forms of golf betting include predicting the winner, group head-to-heads, and predicting any particular player’s performance as being equal to, over or under par. The simplest form of US PGA National Championship betting, as for any golf tournament, is predicting the winner of the Championship.

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Apart from predicting the winner, another form of golf betting you might be interested in is head-to-head match-ups where you can bet on any two particular golfers participating in the US PGA National Championship. The player to score the lowest score is the player that wins the bet – though both golfers must tee up or the bet is not valid and betting tickets will be refunded.

In golf tournaments such as the US PGA National Championship you can place bets over a varying number of holes – from 18 to 72. The general line of play is that the player with the lowest score over the agreed number of holes wins the bet. Again, if you’re betting head-to-head, then both players must tee off in order for the bet to be valid.

US PGA National Championship odds

Golf betting is participated in by many punters all over the world. If you’re new to golf betting, it’s relatively simple to catch on. Say for instance the odds on a player are 10/1 – this means that if the player you have bet on wins, then for every unit of currency you have bet you will get ten units of that currency, plus your original bet.

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